Do You Need a Private Investigator?

Investigation Needs – Assess Your Situation Carefully

Do you think you might need a private investigator? Before you decide to move forward with a private investigations firm to work for you, consider the following:

• What is your goal and what are you trying to achieve?
• Can you achieve your goal with hiring a private investigator?
• Do you have funds available to pay for an investigation?
For example, a potential Client may believe that their spouse is not being faithful. They also state that they want to remain married. A question we ask of that person is have they considered marriage counseling? Most times, the answer is no – yet the goal is not to “catch the spouse cheating” but to save their marriage. Therefore a marriage counselor might be a better first step than a private investigator.
On the other hand, many people suspect a spouse is being unfaithful but have also made up their mind that they want to pursue a divorce. They request surveillance be conducted to affirm that there is an affair with another person. When asked why, many times the response is they “want peace of mind” or “just want to know the truth.” This is the type of scenario where an investigation is valuable and probably worthwhile because the end goal is to get to the truth.
Dirigo Investigations will not conduct an investigation unless we believe we can assist the Client in a meaningful manner. We conduct private investigations all over Maine, and treat each Client with respect, courtesy and with their best interests in mind. A person considering an investigation may call us, without charge, and discuss their situation. Sometimes we can assist and sometimes we may advise the caller that we do not believe an investigation will be worth the cost.
If a Client proceeds with a case, Dirigo has private investigators positioned throughout Maine to make the investigation efficient and effective.

Feel free to call Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. at 1-888-889-1588 for a free consultation.


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