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Dirigo's Custom Automated Case Management System

System Portal

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC continues to lead the way by offering our Clients and Investigators a custom, web-based, and highly secure electronic case management system. All client reports, case updates, invoices and case information are stored on our customized system and is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week* 


Our system was created and designed to add efficiency and convenience for our Clients, and the many individual investigative needs of each person, business or case. The use of our case management system is easy and of course, optional. However, most clients find the ease and convenience of around the clock “log in” to review case status very desirable. The system provides “on time” client case updates, the opportunity to view documents and on line access to video and photographs.


Use of our system will be automatically offered to you when your case is assigned to us and training is free. We certainly understand that not all of our clients desire to use an electronic system, and we are pleased to provide investigative materials in any format or medium desired.