Dirigo Investigations

Comprehensive Services

Dirigo Investigations began providing investigation service in 2009. Tom Santaguida, the current President and Senior Investigator was a founding member and manages Dirigo Investigations as well as actively working on investigations.

We provide a wide range of professional investigation services throughout Maine; and also both nation-wide and internationally in cooperation with our investigative business partners.

Dirigo is well-rounded and able to provide investigative resources in a wide variety of situations. We offer fraud investigation, insurance defense, asset search investigations, workplace investigations, person and property locates, and personal injury plaintiff and product liability investigation services. Our surveillance investigations include the latest generation video recording equipment and quick electronic transfer of evidence and video. Our investigations are supervised by the company owner and managed using a modern and secure web based case management system. Personal injury cases are handled with investigative competence and sincere regard for the Client.


Rated #1

• Worker’s Compensation and Private/Domestic surveillance and activity checks

• Latest generation video recording devices

• Covert video recording devices

• Skilled investigators

• Proven surveillance techniques, whether in a vehicle or on foot in the woods

• Electronic transfer of video evidence with time and date stamp

insurance and claims investigation

Rated #1

Dirigo Investigations has been conducting insurance and claims investigations for nearly a decade. Whether you need a worker’s compensation surveillance investigator to obtain video, an interview for a property loss claim, surveillance at an appointment, or an Alive and Well visit – Dirigo Investigations offers services to assist you in managing and mitigating your claims.

• Worker’s Compensation surveillance
• Activity Checks
• IME surveillance
• Claimant interviews
• Property loss investigations
• Alive and Well Checks

attorney and legal investigation

We offer excellent investigation services to attorneys and law firms including criminal and civil case work.

  • Maine Commission for Indigent Legal Services approved investigator
  • Interviews
  • Field and scene investigation
  • Locate witnesses
  • Sworn statements
  • Asset investigations to determine suit-worthiness
  • Witness background investigation
  • Due diligence investigations for Probate
  • Heir locates for estate administration
  • Records search and retrieval

background investigation and Verification

Whether you need a background check for new employees, tenants, legal reasons, business partnership assessments or personal relationships; Dirigo provides a wide range of background check services. Our pre-employment background checks are Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant.

  • Pre-employment background investigation
  • Pre-tenant screening
  • Personal background investigations
  • Day care and nursing home evaluations
  • Employment application verifications
  • Witness background investigations
  • Political candidate background investigations
  • Occupant/occupied residence verification services for mortgage companies

locate people and property

Dirigo provides locate services for private individuals, banking institutions, collection agencies and law firms. Dirigo’s trained investigators can locate people and property using a wide variety of investigative resources.

  • Find family members – we find people that you are looking for
  • Attempt to locate missing people – in a town, city, rural or wilderness
  • Locate witnesses and heirs for attorneys and law firms
  • Child support locate services – locate non-paying parents
  • Locate people for collection agencies
  • Locate property that has been stolen or lost
  • Verify property location for repossession or lien
  • Verify current condition of real estate and other property
  • Locate people for service of process

Domestic, Child custody, marital and family investigations

Child custody, family issues, divorce, and marital infidelity investigations are handled confidentially by sensitive and discreet Dirigo investigators.

  • Well-being of elderly family members
  • Marital Infidelity
  • Child custody evidence
  • Child Support

workplace investigations

Extensive experience in human resources and workplace investigations provides our Clients with high quality products geared toward employer and business support. Employers find Dirigo’s services to be of great value; an outside agency is often better suited to handle a sensitive internal investigation.

  • Policy and work rules violations
  • Misconduct
  • Sexual harassment and gender discrimination
  • Employee theft

Criminal investigations

We handle many criminal defense investigations. Criminal defense investigations requests are considered on a case by case basis. Authorized investigators for Maine Commission for Indigent Legal Services (MCILS).

business and corporate compliance

  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Internal undercover audits
  • Internal policy compliance observations
  • Undercover investigations
  • “Ghost Shopper” Ghost Customer” services
  • Internal customer service quality probes
  • Employee conduct and policy compliance – discreet audit and examination

accident investigation

  • Dirigo Investigations can provide a wide range of accident investigation from motor vehicle to watercraft. Dirigo’s investigators are some of the most highly trained private sector snowmobile, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and watercraft investigators in New England.

    • On scene investigation and documentation
    • Vehicle impound
    • Coordination of professional mechanical forensic examination
    • Witness interviews and statements
    • Obtain documents