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Dirigo Investigations, like most investigation firms offering surveillance investigations  sends out our Investigators on assignment, providing them with details of where to go, when to go, and what to do. We constantly think about surveillance quality and how to improve it.


What do we do different than other surveillance firms? TRAINING. POLICIES. SUPERVISION.

We do not accept \”this is the way I have always done it\” statements regarding surveillance quality. We train Investigators how to use the latest technology, surveillance positioning, lighting strategies and optics to get the best possible result. Surveillance is difficult even under the best of conditions. To not leverage every single advantage is a professional mistake. Any business endeavor, especially businesses that include aspects involving service and fraud detection; excellence and impeccable procedures is a must. This is not to suggest that creativity should be taken away from Investigators; it means that creativity has to be balanced with best practices and good guidelines. Best practices and adherence to guidelines is the result of the combination of experience and training. How many investigation forms actually conducted formal training last year for their Investigators?

\”We do not retain surveillance Investigators who do not show base competency and/or a solid commitment to constant professional improvement\” states Dirigo president Thomas Santaguida. Many investigators started 20 or more years ago and currently retain \”flat\” skills and worse, are resistant to improving or doing things in a new way.

As professional investigations service providers, Investigation form owners owe it to themselves and more importantly to their Clients and the overall professionalism of their industry to maintain the absolute best practices policies. A passion for excellence is important. Does this mean our work will be flawless, without mistakes or never needing improvement? Absolutely not! It is the recognition of the fact that we can always strive to do better than  keeps us on the top of the profession.


Surveillance photo – subject in light green shirt is a Claimant with a reported back injury and no ability to walk, bend, lift or work.


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