Dirigo Investigations Director Tom Santaguida Announces Summer Intern Selection

Dirigo Investigations HQ, Brunswick, ME.

May 22, 2014

Contact: Thomas A. Santaguida, Director

Tom Santaguida, Director of Dirigo Investigations, LLC of Brunswick, ME has announced the firm\’s selection for summer intern 2014. Ms. Krissinda Palmer – a 3rd year Criminology Student at the University of Southern Maine has been selected for the position.

After reviewing numerous applications, Ms. Palmer was selected after an interview of four finalists. Her high grade point average, focus, apparent work ethic and excellent communication skills were all factors in her selection.

Krissinda begins her duties as an Investigative Analyst intern on Monday June 16, 2014 after returning from Sweden on a trip to study the criminal justice system there.

Dirigo Investigations is very pleased with the selection and looks forward to the opportunity to work with Ms. Palmer this summer.


Tom Santaguida is President and Senior Investigator at Dirigo Investigations. Tom may be reached at (207) 373-9317 or by e-mail at: tom@dirigois.com


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