Search for Missing Father Ends in Success

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Father Missing For 33 Years Located for Daughter by Dirigo Investigations

March 6, 2013

Each year Dirigo Investigations conducts hundreds of investigations of all types. During the course of each year, Thomas Santaguida, the Director of Dirigo Investigations, selects a few cases that he decides the facts of the case and the situation of the requester (the person requesting the investigation assignment) warrants conducting the investigation for free.

During February 2013 once such case presented itself before Dirigo Investigations. The story is outlined below. Names have been omitted to ensure the privacy of all parties.

February 2013

After receiving a referral to Dirigo Investigations from another Maine investigator a woman who formerly resided in a mid-Atlantic state requested an investigation to locate her birth father. She had never known her father, and her understanding of the relationship between her father and mother was that it was a very brief and informal relationship 33 years ago. The man had then left her mother\’s life and was never heard from again.

Tom Santaguida was interested in the significance of the case and the fact that this woman had searched for 10 years with no success or assistance. She was not well funded and not able to afford the normal cost of the investigation effort to locate her Dad. Santaguida decided that Dirigo would take the case for free. The only information available was the place the Client\’s Dad and Mom met in 1979, a name and what he was believed to have done for work – and a vague physical description. The work then began!

Using the man\’s name (a very, very common name) a data query was made to various restricted access data sources. Using geographical and race markers, the field of possibilities was narrowed to 42 people. From there, using circles that widened out from the place last seen in 1979, the people with the same name as the Client\’s father were charted on mapping software using cities lived in as a key factor. One of the subjects residence history coincided EXACTLY in conjunction of geography associated with the reported prior occupation of the man. This one subject was determined to be living in the Midwest. A generic call was placed to him and confirmed with high confidence that we had located the Client\’s long lost father within 24 hours of starting the investigation.

After some due diligence and public domain analysis of the man, the Client decided to contact her probable father and keep her fingers crossed. She was not certain he would be responsive and if so, would he have a positive perspective or negative perspective on the situation?

A few days after sending him a certified letter, outlining her belief that he was her Dad, he called her and acknowledged that in fact, he was her father. He is ill but currently, an April visit and reunion of sorts is being planned.

Dirigo Investigations was very pleased to have the opportunity to assist this woman. While, we can\’t do many cases for free, we provide numerous pro-bono investigation services each year.

Tom Santaguida, the company owner, strongly believes that contributing to the community at large is just as a succesful as running a profitable business. Everyone needs help sometimes – when the opportunity arises to assist, Dirigo is glad to help out. Events such as those described in the investigation case study above are LIFE CHANGERS for everyone involved, including the investigators!




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