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Dirigo Investigations provides a wide range of investigation and security services. One of our primary service lines is investigative support to our insurance, TPA and workers compensation self-insured employer Clients.

Dirigo offers quality services at competitive prices. Many firms do. However, it is the experience of our Investigators that provide exceptional results for our Clients. Our surveillance Investigators come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many are former law enforcement officers who specialized in discreet surveillance, including woodland surveillance on foot. These skills, where appropriate are used on assignments carried out on behalf of our Clients. A number of our Claims Investigators are either prior law enforcement detectives, police administrators – or both.

We offer any insurance fraud, claims or workers compensation investigation service you request – from vehicle surveillance to surveillance at residences or employers; discreet investigative pre-texts; alive and well visits; disability interviews; claims document services and retrieval; workers compensation surveillance or activity checks – if you ask us: \”Do you do………………………………………..?\”

The answer will be yes!

Please call us today at 1-888-889-1588 or assign us your case by going to the Case Assignment link on our website.

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