Dirigo Investigations and Security Available for Security Services

Statewide – Maine

Contact: Managing Partner Tom Santaguida

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC has grown significantly in the past 3 years, especially the Investigations Division of the company. Security services provided by the security division have become more in demand and the firm plans on expanding its security operations throughout New England. Currently, Dirigo is licensed to provide security services in Maine.

The security division is distinct and separate from the investigations division, thus avoiding operations, personnel and scheduling conflicts with our investigations operations.

Security services include both uniformed and non-uniform security and include but are not limited to: commercial security, site security, contractor and property security, auction security, security and emergency plans, personal protection, property watch services.

All security officers with Dirigo are well screened and most are current or prior law enforcement or military personnel.

If you or your company needs security services, please call Thomas Santaguida at (207) 373-9317 today!

Managing Partners, Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC – Christl Theriault and Tom Santaguida








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