Beware of Holiday Security Issues

The holidays often come with numerous security issues and the appearance of new people in our lives. Beware of scenarios being created and providing thieves with opportunities.

Before allowing any service provider into your house, check them out. To do this you can ask for references, use Angie\’s List or retain the services of an investigations firm. Most service providers are great — but a little checking out of who you are hiring ahead of time some may save you from being a victim. Housekeepers and cleaning services expose your home to a possible stranger that might be making careful note of where your valuables are and passing that information on to someone who might try to burglarize your home – sometimes many months later. Have all service providers checked out!

Thieves know that most households have an increased amount of valuables and gifts on hand over the holidays. Organized groups will watch homes for an opportunity to enter and steal. Most of us have a hectic schedule during the holidays and more frequently than the rest of the year, we are not home. Use an alarm system if you have one, hire security or home watch services (its less expensive than you think) and take steps to ensure your holiday isn\’t ruined by a crook.

Malls and shopping centers are bustling and this creates risk exposure for small children and the possibility of abduction. Do not leave children unattended and do not let them wander malls alone.

Think about basic safety and security during the holidays!


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