Adjusters and Clients Do Have More Than One Choice


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AUGUSTA, MAINE – During the past three years, we have heard a number of potential insurance adjuster Clients express that they thought that the only choice they had for worker\’s compensation surveillance and other claims investigation services in Maine and that was the services of our competitors. Our response is always \”There are many choices for professional investigation services available. If you have not tried other firms services, how do you know you are getting the best fit and getting what you want?\”

The information we hear speaks to us – it tells us we need to market our services more effectively; it tells us that often times, potential Clients may default to an easy route – take the route they know – use the services of the firm they have heard of, regardless of the results. Our reaction to this is to simply say \”Give us a try.\”

In the past three years, every single time a new Client has given Dirigo an opprtunity, they have stayed with Dirigo Investigations.

Dirigo Investigations hires bright, creative, respectful and professional investigators and highly intelligent and personable support staff. We do our work for you – your way – the Client\’s way. We combine our skills, expertise and customer service with your processes, your investigation protocols, your administrative requirements and your invoicing systems to give you, our Client\’s – customized, optimum and preferred vendor style services.

Give Dirigo Investigations an opportunity to show you that you do have a choice.

For more information, call Thomas Santaguida – Managing Partner – Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. (207) 373-9317 or send Tom a message by e-mail at: or assign us a case by clicking \’Case Assignment\’ on our website.

\”Leading the Way – Professional Investigations – Quality Solutions\”


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