Experienced Insurance Fraud, Claims and Surveillance Investigators

Dirigo Investigations provides a wide range of investigation and security services. One of our primary service lines is investigative support to our insurance, TPA and workers compensation self-insured employer Clients.

Dirigo offers quality services at competitive prices. Many firms do. However, it is the experience of our Investigators that provide exceptional results for our Clients. Our surveillance Investigators come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many are former law enforcement officers who specialized in discreet surveillance, including woodland surveillance on foot. These skills, where appropriate are used on assignments carried out on behalf of our Clients. A number of our Claims Investigators are either prior law enforcement detectives, police administrators – or both.

We offer any insurance fraud, claims or workers compensation investigation service you request – from vehicle surveillance to surveillance at residences or employers; discreet investigative pre-texts; alive and well visits; disability interviews; claims document services and retrieval; workers compensation surveillance or activity checks – if you ask us: “Do you do………………………………………..?”

The answer will be yes!

Please call us today at 1-888-889-1588 or assign us your case by going to the Case Assignment link on our website.

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC

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Dirigo Investigations Continues Staff Development and Joins ACFE

May 2012

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC   18 Pleasant Street, Suite 507 Brunswick, ME  04011 (207) 373-9317

Thomas Santaguida, Managing Partner of Dirigo Investigations has joined the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (http://www.acfe.com/) and has commenced the process of becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). The CFE certification will represent the enhanced level of fraud training and commitment to fighting fraud that is a basis for Dirigo’s investigation operations. The enhanced skills will increase investigation value and effectiveness for Clients.

The ACFE is one of the primary and most well respected fraud examiner training organizations in the world.

Please visit: http://www.acfe.com/ for more information.

Dirigo Investigations Seeking Qualified Claims Investigators

Brunswick, Maine

Contact: Tom Santaguida, Managing Partner – Dirigo Investigations

In its ongoing commitment to simultaneous excellence and growth, Dirigo Investigations is looking for skilled investigators who can handle detailed claims, personal injury, interviews, scene examinations, recorded and written statements and similar assignments. We are always on the lookout for strategic relationships and try to hire only the best. Our vetting process is comprehensive and only those investigators who are able to demonstrate the required great attitude, people skills, professional image and technical professional skills will get an opportunity to be on the Dirigo team. Dirigo investigators are assigned case assignments on an as needed basis.

Those interested in applying, send your resume and contact Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC at the Brunswick Business Center, 18 Pleasant Street, Suite 507 Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 373-9317 or by e-mail at: info@dirigois.com


Dirigo Investigations Expands Capabilities to South Africa

Although a we are a Maine based private professional investigations firm, Dirigo Investigations continues to “Lead the Way” and has expanded its investigative capabilities into South Africa. Our lead investigator there is a retired homicide detective, with years of high level professional investigations experience.

Contact: Thomas Santaguida, Managing Partner  (207) 373-9317  or tom@dirigois.com

Adjusters and Clients Do Have More Than One Choice


Contact: Tom Santaguida, Managing Partner (207) 373-9317

AUGUSTA, MAINE – During the past three years, we have heard a number of potential insurance adjuster Clients express that they thought that the only choice they had for worker’s compensation surveillance and other claims investigation services in Maine and that was the services of our competitors. Our response is always “There are many choices for professional investigation services available. If you have not tried other firms services, how do you know you are getting the best fit and getting what you want?”

The information we hear speaks to us – it tells us we need to market our services more effectively; it tells us that often times, potential Clients may default to an easy route – take the route they know – use the services of the firm they have heard of, regardless of the results. Our reaction to this is to simply say “Give us a try.”

In the past three years, every single time a new Client has given Dirigo an opprtunity, they have stayed with Dirigo Investigations.

Dirigo Investigations hires bright, creative, respectful and professional investigators and highly intelligent and personable support staff. We do our work for you – your way – the Client’s way. We combine our skills, expertise and customer service with your processes, your investigation protocols, your administrative requirements and your invoicing systems to give you, our Client’s – customized, optimum and preferred vendor style services.

Give Dirigo Investigations an opportunity to show you that you do have a choice.

For more information, call Thomas Santaguida – Managing Partner – Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. (207) 373-9317 or send Tom a message by e-mail at:   tom@dirigois.com or assign us a case by clicking ‘Case Assignment’ on our website.

“Leading the Way – Professional Investigations – Quality Solutions”

Dirigo Offers New E-Payment Option

Dirigo Investigations now offers a e-payment option through its website. Clients may pay retainers and account balances 24 hours day/7 days per week using major credit cards or through a PayPal account. To access our secure payment page, go to www.dirigois.com    On the bottom of the home page there is an option for “Payment.” Clients are then guided through the simple process. PayPal supports this payment function. However, if a Client does not have a PayPal account, they may simply use the system as a guest with no obligation to PayPal.

This function permits Dirigo to initiate an investigation quickly without waiting for a retainer check to arrive by mail. The quick activation often adds effectiveness to professional investigations.

Dirigo Investigations Now Operational in New Hampshire

News Alert: Monday, May 17, 2011

Contacts: Thomas Santaguida, Managing Partner (207) 208-6571 or toll free 1-888-889-1588

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC has launched investigations operations in New Hampshire, effective May 17, 2011. Dirigo is licensed, bonded and insured. Full investigations services are now available throughout the Granite State.

Contact us for more information:

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. PO Box 5051, Augusta, Maine 04332 Phone: 1-888-889-1588

E-mail: info@dirigois.com                                        Website: www.dirigois.com

“Leading the Way – Professional Investigations – Quality Solutions”

Do You Need a Private Investigator?

Investigation Needs – Assess Your Situation Carefully

Do you think you might need a private investigator? Before you decide to move forward with a private investigations firm to work for you, consider the following:

• What is your goal and what are you trying to achieve?
• Can you achieve your goal with hiring a private investigator?
• Do you have funds available to pay for an investigation?
For example, a potential Client may believe that their spouse is not being faithful. They also state that they want to remain married. A question we ask of that person is have they considered marriage counseling? Most times, the answer is no – yet the goal is not to “catch the spouse cheating” but to save their marriage. Therefore a marriage counselor might be a better first step than a private investigator.
On the other hand, many people suspect a spouse is being unfaithful but have also made up their mind that they want to pursue a divorce. They request surveillance be conducted to affirm that there is an affair with another person. When asked why, many times the response is they “want peace of mind” or “just want to know the truth.” This is the type of scenario where an investigation is valuable and probably worthwhile because the end goal is to get to the truth.
Dirigo Investigations will not conduct an investigation unless we believe we can assist the Client in a meaningful manner. We conduct private investigations all over Maine, and treat each Client with respect, courtesy and with their best interests in mind. A person considering an investigation may call us, without charge, and discuss their situation. Sometimes we can assist and sometimes we may advise the caller that we do not believe an investigation will be worth the cost.
If a Client proceeds with a case, Dirigo has private investigators positioned throughout Maine to make the investigation efficient and effective.

Feel free to call Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. at 1-888-889-1588 for a free consultation.

Dirigo Investigations Continues Client Budget Guarantee

Did you know that Dirigo Investigations and Security has a guarantee never to exceed a Client’s stated budget? That is correct!

Dirigo Investigations puts the Client in control of investigation costs by guaranteeing never to exceed the maximum case budget that the Client states in their signed contract. If investigation costs begin to approach the maximum budget stated by the Client, Dirigo representatives contact the Client to determine if the case should continue. Before Dirigo proceeds with additional investigation efforts and billable hours, the Client must expressly approve by signing an ammended contract. This express authorization is an excellent tool to keep investigation costs within a Client’s budget.

The approach of “keeping the Client in control” of costs is a way to avoid unexpected investigations costs. We never want our Clients to get a surprise bill. Dirigo recognizes that Client case management is an important component to the investigation process.

Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC Expands Regionally

Reflecting nine (9) straight quarters of business growth, Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. of Augusta, Maine is expanding its investigations operations into New Hampshire; with operational capacity anticipated by the end of April 2011.

Dirigo Investigations provides investigation services throughout Maine – including worker’s compensation investigations from Aroostook County to Bangor, Augusta, Portland and York County to personal injury plaintiff investigations throughout Maine.

Many cases have a connection to other states, especially neighboring states. New Hampshire is Maine’s closest neighbor. Many Clients have needs in both states and investigations that begin in Maine continue into New Hampshire and throughout New England. To provide high quality services and manage control of the final investigation product, Dirigo has registered with the New Hampshire Secretary of State and anticipates commencing investigation operations in New Hampshire in early May.

While Dirigo Investigations and Security has associates in every state; expansion into New Hampshire will be as a fully functioning business within the Granite State.

Managing Partner Christl Theriault said, “We are very excited to offer our services in our neighboring State of New Hampshire.  It is just another example of how we have responded to our Client’s needs.”

Many Dirigo Investigators are already extremely familiar with New Hampshire’s geography, road system and climate – moving operations into New Hampshire is a natural progression of continued growth for Dirigo Investigations.

Further expansion is being planned for future investigation operations in Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut; and New Jersey, Florida and California.