Guiding Principles

First and foremost, Dirigo Investigations operates on an ethical platform. All investigations are conducted lawfully and in compliance with applicable regulations. All of our investigations are guided by our Four Core Guiding Principles. These core principles are used when considering whether or not to accept an investigation, and also to guide us as we progress along on open cases.

Dirigo Investigations Guiding Principles

  1. All investigations will be conducted thoroughly and with investigative competence.
  2. Professionalism will be exercised at all times in all aspects of our operations.
  3. We will always provide exceptional Client service and communications.
  4. Our rates and fees for each case must be both feasible and cost/beneficial for our Clients and profitable for the company.

Our core guiding principles are posted in our main headquarters office. Underneath our guiding principles are large words that say, “If the investigation has not been conducted according the Guiding Principles, then do it over.”

These four foundation principles guide every aspect of our operation. Daily we check in and assess our case work to ensure all four criteria are being met. The result is investigative excellence.

Prior to accepting a case for investigation we assess whether we will be able to conduct the proposed investigation in accordance with our guiding principles. If we do not believe we can conduct an investigation within the framework of our core principles, then we do not accept the case.

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