Continued Strong Growth Marks Beginning of 2011

In spite of a very difficult business environment, Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC of Augusta, Maine has continued its pattern of growth. With increased profitability for 9 straight quarters, Dirigo continues to deliver its products and services in a cost effective manner for Clients while remaining viable and profitable as a business.

By applying the company’s core values to its operations; monitoring operation costs; hiring well vetted, skilled and experienced Investigators; and being highly committed to excellent Client communications and customer service, Dirigo has been able to expand and grow.

Company growth is based on a high quality professional service and product delivery. Therefore, extremely careful selection of Investigators is of great importance to Dirigo Investigations. Investigators must have excellent integrity and personal character; demonstrated aptitude at conducting complex investigations and pass a rigorous background screening. Dirigo’s Investigators are selected, in part, for their specific skills – as a result, some Investigators are used only for certain types of cases such as worker’s compensation surveillance, while other Investigators might be used only for witness interviews. Careful case assignment based upon demonstrated ability and skills produces good services and products. Combined with high quality Client service, Dirigo has experienced its business growth.

The Investigations profession has experienced a shake up and seen tough times, like so many other business sectors. Many companies have closed their doors and stopped operations. During this tough economic time, Dirigo continues to expand its service selection, build a larger service delivery platform and expand regionally.

Dirigo Managing Partners Christl Theriault and Tom Santaguida are excited about the uninterrupted growth trend – but are also cautious and careful about maintaining a tightly managed investigations operation. They recognize that decision making in a period of growth must be strategic to provide uninterrupted services of extremely high quality in a cost effective manner.

Congratulations to Dirigo Investigations and Security as it continues to “Lead the Way – Professional Investigations – Quality Solutions.”

Dirigo Investigations & Security Announces Upgraded Website

With added features and functionality, Dirigo’s new website increases efficiency for users and allows new and existing Clients to obtain far more information than before.

One newly added feature includes a Case Assignment button option. Clients may now assign a case by clicking on the Case Assignment button and entering the information pertaining to their case in the relevant fields. The form shows the Client how far they are from completion. Once the form is submitted, it is reviewed by a Dirigo staff member. The receipt of the case assignment is then acknowledged by Dirigo. It is that simple. This function was included after some of our busy Clients whom are Insurance Adjusters requested a streamlined and systematic method to assign a case without waiting to speak to a Dirigo staff member.

Retainer payments and payments on account balances may also be made using major credit cards and electronic funds transfers. Using the secure on-line payment administrator PayPal, Clients may pay their retainer or make payments on their account in a secure manner, anytime and anywhere. If a Client does not have a PayPal account the system permits payments to be made as a “guest user.” Tom Santaguida, Managing Partner at Dirigo Investigations said “Many Clients are anxious to have efforts begin on their investigation. It can be frustrating to have to wait for a retainer to arrive by mail before the first investigation efforts are made. Dirigo recognized this and by adding the payment page to our website; a Client can log in, pay their retainer and the investigation begins as soon as an available Investigator is assigned. We added this feature to our website to make it easier for our Clients to do business with us.”

The new website was upgraded by the Maine based PatraCompany. Dirigo selected PatraCompany based upon strong recommendations made by business associates. The recommendations proved true for Dirigo’s owners who found The PatraCompany staff not only highly responsive from a customer service perspective but also to be very knowledgeable in the areas of technology, design, and marketing and web functionality.

Dirigo is proud of its enhanced image and functionality through the new website. Comments and recommendations by Clients and Investigators who use the website are encouraged.

For more information contact: Dirigo Investigations and Security, LLC. 1-888-889-1588 or or visit us on the web at